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International Specialized Exhibition «EXPO-2017»


The capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Astana was chosen as the venue for the International «EXPO 2017» in 2017 on November 22, 2012. (Official Website “International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO-2017”).

The «EXPO-2017» received official recognition during the 115th session of the International Exhibition Bureau in Paris on June 11, 2014.

The international specialized exhibition «EXPO-2017» in Astana (hereafter – «EXPO-2017») will be held from June 10 to September 10, 2017. Preparation and holding of this event is held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev.

The general mission of «EXPO-2017» in Astana will be the organization of a global dialogue on the strategic priorities of modern energy policy and the joint search for answers to the main challenges of the time.

The exhibition «EXPO-2017» is intended to lay the foundation for the creation of important strategies, concepts and technologies aimed at:

The main goal of the Kazakhstan exhibition is the sustainable development of the whole planet and, as a result, the prosperity of future generations.

Theme and objectives of «EXPO-2017»

The theme of «EXPO-2017» – “Energy of the Future”.

The theme will be developed in the framework of the sub-themes, united by the Organizer (JSC «NC «Astana EXPO-2017») into three blocks:


1) reduction of carbon dioxide emissions:



2) energy-efficient way of life:



3) energy for all:

The main objectives of the «EXPO-2017» will be the study of strategies, programs and technologies aimed at:

The main objectives of the «EXPO-2017» will be the study of strategies, programs and technologies aimed at:

All the objectives of «EXPO-2017» are united by a single strategic goal: to inform the international community at the state, corporate and individual levels about the need to formulate policies and decisions aimed at promoting sustainable energy in order to ensure the optimal model of the energy future of the planet.

Exhibition territory of «EXPO-2017»


The complex of the exhibition (total area – about 175 hectares), including the exhibition territory and auxiliary exhibition district, is located at the intersection of existing and projected urban axes of Astana between the city center and the airport, surrounded by the main automobile arteries:

The exhibition territory will be organized in the form of an equilateral square on an area of 25 hectares located 8 km to the south of the center of Astana and 4 km from the government block on the southern bank of the Ishim River on the visual axis leading from the main city sight – the Baiterek Tower.

This territory will be surrounded by an exhibition area of 150 hectares, intended for residential and mixed buildings. In the area will be located auxiliary objects of the exhibition and transport infrastructure.

The objects of the exhibition complex are built in accordance with the requirements of the international BREEAM sustainability certification system and will have a practically zero balance of consumption (PASSIVHAUS standard). Structurally, the exhibition area will be divided by pedestrian esplanades, in shape resembling the blades of the wind turbine.

In the center of the exhibition area, at the intersection of the esplanades will be located the National Pavilion of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the form of a sphere with a diameter of 80 meters. Blocks of international and thematic pavilions will be connected by a ring boulevard, at which will be held:

At the same time, four thematic pavilions and adjacent international pavilions will be located along the perimeter of the central zone of the exhibition area around the pavilion of Kazakhstan.


The organizer of «EXPO-2017» expects that more than 100 countries and 10 international organizations will take part in the event. The general plan of the exhibition complex provides for the convenient location of clusters of the C1, C2, C3, C4 pavilions of official exhibitors in order to ensure equal and free access for all visitors to «EXPO-2017». These clusters are located along the radius of the outer ring of the ring boulevard at an equal distance from the central element of the exhibition complex – the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan. Each cluster is located between pedestrian esplanades, which directly connect the entrances to visitors and service entrance to the central zone around the Kazakhstan pavilion. Clusters of pavilions of official participants are spatially connected with thematic pavilions at the roof level, and also by the circular boulevard forming the “Thematic route”.

Pavilions of official participants are 14 semi-detached double-storeyed buildings of the U-shaped configuration, with indoor atriums directed towards the ring boulevard and the center of the exhibition area. With spatial integration into clusters, each pavilion remains independent, with separate access.

The national pavilions of the CIS countries will be located in cluster C4 of Pavilion 4.2, which will be located in the southwestern part of the exhibition area and adjacent to two pedestrian axes. The main one, which connects the main entrance to the exhibition from the west (at the entrance to public transport) and its center, and the secondary one – from South. Through the cluster, there will also be a route for an internal shuttle service to the exhibition area.

The main venues for the «EXPO-2017» events will be the amphitheater (indoor area capacity – up to 3 thousand spectators) and the arts center, also located inside the perimeter of the ring boulevard. Ceremonies of national days will be held on the “National Day” stage (open area capacity – 1,5 thousand spectators, area of temporary constructions of the stage – 18 × 10 meters) located in the central part of the inner ring between the amphitheater and the Kazakhstan pavilion. The “Hall of Energy”- a modern multifunctional complex with a capacity of up to 1,000 spectators, adjacent to the Pavilion of Kazakhstan  will be available to the participants of «EXPO-2017» for the official (ceremonies, receptions, banquets) and cultural (theatrical, concert) events.

The press center, a 3,000-seat conference hall, official offices, hotels and serviced apartments for VIP exhibitors and visitors to «EXPO-2017» will be located in the congress center, located to the north-west of the exhibition complex and adjacent to the ring boulevard.


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"Энергия поколений- источник Энергии будущего!" 10 июня - 10 сентября 2017 г. Астана, Казахстан
"Энергия поколений- источник Энергии будущего!" 10 июня - 10 сентября 2017 г. Астана, Казахстан